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Epsom Salts with Essential Oils
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Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts

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Epsom Salts

Did you know that you can relax your tired muscles and treat your sports injuries by bathing in Epsom Salts? Otherwise known as Magnesium Sulphate, this is a substance whose amazing benefits have made it popular with doctors, personal trainers and celebrities.


From small beginnings from the mineral waters of the town of Epsom in Surrey, UK, the production of Epsom Salt has now gone global, as its magnesium and sulphate components have become renowned for supplementing mineral-deficient modern lifestyles perfectly.


Facts about Epsom Salt

  • It’s made from a combination of magnesium and sulphate.
  • You can buy as much or as little as you want - anything from 500g bags to 250kg.
  • You use it in a mixture for your bath or foot-spa.


* For UK orders placed before 2pm - please note certain areas such as Highlands, Islands & NI are not eligible for Next Day.
Please see Postage & Returns for further information.


For International Orders toAustria - Belgium - Channel Islands - Czech Republic- Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Italy - Luxembourg - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - you can order directly from our web site and your shipping will be added to your order before you check out, or click on your flag to see shipping rates



For other countries please let us know what you want to order & where you are and we will get back to you with a shipping quote.


All our Epsom Salts are BP Grade*

*BP stands for British Pharmacopoeia and means that the Epsom Salts are produced to the pharmaceutically accepted grade, as laid out by the British Pharmacopoeia.


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How to use

  • The recommended use is 300-500g or 1-2 large full mugs per bath.  Just soak for 10 minutes while it works its magic.
  • To relax your body or to relieve stress, bathe three times weekly in warm water containing 2 cups of Epsom Salt. Soak for a minimum of 12 minutes. You could also add ½ cup of olive oil to moisturise your skin.
  • For aching limbs, soak in a mixture of warm water and ½ cup of Epsom Salt for 20 minutes.
  • Take a two-hour rest after bathing with Epsom Salt. If you have arthritic joints, move around as much as possible to prevent stiffening of the joints.


Please note

  • Epsom Salt is for external use only and not for consumption, and should be kept away from pets and children.
  • In case of pregnancy or other health concerns, consult your physician first.
  • When using, avoid mixing it with soap as this can interfere with its proper working.


What people are saying about our Epsom Salts

“My wife suffers from arthritis and finds that an Epsom Salt foot bath eases the pain. Unfortunately the price of small amounts is unbelievably high in the chemists. I felt that although this bulk size was mainly for garden use it was worthwhile to take a chance and try it. I was VERY impressed with the purity of the product and the extremely fast and efficient service I received from the supplier. I would definitely recommend both this product and the supplier.”

E. Brooker


“Always wondered why my mum had a bag of Epsom Salts in the bathroom when I was growing up. Now I can see why? Mug full in the bath and a 20 minute soak has helped my aching back no end! Great price and swift delivery for an old remedy that really works.”

K. Wright


“Great product. I am really happy with it.”

Liam Rowles


“l bought a really big box so l can share it with friends. It really makes the skin soft, and good for my daughter’s feet, as she stands a lot with her job.”

Claudia Keston


"I soak my feet in Epsom Salts after a night on High Heels and it makes me feet feel like Brand New Again !"

Nadia R


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Looking to alleviate your muscular aches and pains, combat stress or help your overall health? Whether you want a small trial package or a large sack, we provide you with different quantities to meet all your needs, and at the most competitive prices in the market.