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Epsom Salts really are as good as Granny said

Almost everyone who’s ever spent time with their grandparents can remember the wise words of the matriarch of their family tree: “take your epsom salts to cure all of your ills!” Although, epsom salts certainly don’t work miracles, it’s actually rather incredible how...  Read More →

The Amazing Wonders of Epsom Salt

Epsom salts are an everyday item that the majority of consumers have, at some point or another, heard of in casual conversation. That being said, a significantly smaller number of individuals can properly explain what this product is actually used for. Believe it or not, Epsom salt, also known as...  Read More →

Is This Epsom Salt's Most Interesting Use?

It was first devised 60 years ago and since then has enjoyed a rise, decline and subsequent resurgence in popularity.  What is it?  A flotation tank - and the use of Epsom Salt has been pivotal in making the tanks more user-friendly since neuro-psychiatrist John Lilly's pioneering tank...  Read More →

9 Great Home Remedies Using Epsom Salt

Epsom salt provides a cheap, natural alternative to hundreds of health and beauty products and can add a real boost to your general well-being. Here are our top 10 home remedies: 1. Bath Soak - adding a cup of epsom salt to a warm bath has a whole host of benefits. It boosts magnesium levels in the...  Read More →

Using Epsom Salt around the Home

Epsom Salt can be used for all manner of things around the home. Here, we discuss just a few of those uses: In the home Its hard to believe that something so cheap and natural can have so many uses, but as well as its uses in the garden, epsom salt can provide a safe alternative to chemicals in...  Read More →

How Epsom Salt Baths Work

Today we ask what exactly Epsom salt does when it’s dissolved in bathwater to deserve its cure-all reputation. Both magnesium and sulphate play vital roles in our bodies - magnesium helps regulate enzyme activity while sulphate helps to form brain tissue and joint proteins. Sulphate also helps...  Read More →

Using Epsom Salt to Treat Muscle Injuries

Most of us have suffered from muscle strains at some point. They happen when muscle tissue tears - usually at the same place as where the muscle meets its tendon. Muscles can tear simply from the force of your muscles contracting or when they are stretched too far. However they happen - they hurt!...  Read More →

Why are Epsom Salts Baths so good for you?

The chances are good that, at some point or another, you’ve been told that an Epsom salt bath is the perfect remedy for a variety of health-related problems. Not only that, many people believe that an Epsom salt bath can be used simply to relieve the pains and tight muscles associated with...  Read More →

Epsom Salts flotation tanks are the new relaxation therapy

Ever taken the time to pour yourself a relaxing Epsom salt bath? If so, you’re probably aware of just how wonderful this experience can be. The combination of minerals found in Epsom salts (which actually isn’t a ‘salt’ at all!) have been proven to induce a wide variety of beneficial health...  Read More →

10 Beauty Tips Using Salt

It can be difficult, at times, to peel back the hype and praise surrounding a particular product to find out exactly what makes it so spectacular. Such is the case, perhaps, with Epsom salts, a product that has become an ubiquitous item in stores and beauty parlors around the world and yet, to this...  Read More →

Aching Muscles? Top Tips to relax

In the winter months, it's not uncommon for individuals to spend a substantial amount of time outdoors, shoveling the snow off of their cars, porches and driveways. Although you may consider shoveling or ice scraping to be a strenuous activity, the cold weather and repetitive motion may lead to...  Read More →

Epsom Salts Part of the Ultimate Guide to Great Skin

Although Epsom Salts have become an integral element within a large number of natural beauty remedies, it's also enjoyable to see find yet another article published online which seeks to shed further light on just how powerful this particular product can be. Recently, Steve Macari published “The...  Read More →