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Give Your Loved Ones The Utimate Christmas Bathing Treat…






An age-old mineral bathing remedy renowned globally for its amazing and wide reaching health and beauty benefits, Epsom salts by the Epsom Salt Company with accompanying high quality Kilner jar make for the perfect Christmas gift. 


Rich in magnesium and sulphate as well as other minerals, Epsom salts are once again trending as a novel way to treat everything from stress to aching muscles and problem skin to anti-ageing.


A firm favourite with doctors and celebrities alike (think Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle Macpherson), celebrity skincare guru, Ole Henriksen, is another reported fan of Epsom salts for skin and their “amazing detoxifying properties”.


From small beginnings from the mineral waters of the town of Epsom, Surrey, the production of Epsom salt has become a global phenomenon, with its magnesium and sulphate components perfectly supplementing mineral-deficient modern lifestyles.


Accessible for every budget, the mineral-rich Epsom salts release tension from the body, inducing a deep sense of relaxation – a perfect way to wind down during the festive period and beyond. The minerals also help to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body, providing the perfect aid to your post-festive detox.


Benefits of Epsom salts include the following:

·         Eases stress and tension – magnesium relaxes the nervous system and promotes wellbeing

·         Eases muscular aches and pains

·         Aids detoxification by eliminating toxins and heavy metals from cells

·         Relieves problematic skin – the mineral-rich water can help soften, soothe and smooth skin

·         Promotes healthier, shinier hair – add salts to a conditioner for the ultimate mineral hair mask

·         Great hangover cure

·         Great pedicure/ foot soak to aid aching feet

·         Reduces inflammation from sporting injuries

·         Great skin exfoliator or facial – simply add the salt to your cleanser, massage gently and rinse

Epsom Salts plus accompanying jar are priced just £11.95, including P&P. Salts also available separately. For more information or to order, contact The Epsom Salts Company on www.epsomsalts.co.uk  / 01707 443129


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